8' x 12' Floating Golf Green "Major"

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The 8'x12' "Major" Floating Golf Green

In golf no matter if you are a Junior, Collegiate or a Pro, there are Major tournaments every year. When you play on our Major Floating Golf Green, you will know this is no ordinary golf green. The fringe extends beyond the flotation devices to deliver a green that is closer to 9' by 13'.

This green is great for any large residential pool, country club pool, pond, dock or lake setting. If you are a skilled golfer this green is hard to miss but still a great challenge from just about any distance. You can float this further and hit longer shots than our other greens. The envy of any party or event, the Major Floating Golf Green will be the focal point all afternoon and talk of the town. Your guests, patrons or competitors will love the fun and excitement of competitions this large floating golf green will create.

Practicing to such great target is sure to improve your game by sharpening the most important scoring clubs in the bag, your wedges.

Corporate outings, Hole in One contests, Pool Parties at the Club or your next Charity event should incorporate The Major Floating Golf Green. This is a party favor and competition no one will forget.

*Colors may vary

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