6' x 8' Floating Golf Green "Tour"

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The 6' x 8' Floating Golf Green - "Tour"

Named Tour because of the realistic shots that this green will showcase, you will have a hard time finding a better short game practice device for the money. At double the size of our original green, the amount of fun and entertaining will double too!

For those who need a serious competition, hit nice lengthy chip shots or have a larger pool, the Tour Floating Golf Green may be the perfect solution. This is also the perfect size green for beginning golfers, if you can hit this green on a regular basis you are ready for the course. For the low handicapper or gamer, the 6' by 8' Tour Floating Golf Green provides a little more realistic experience than the Original with the added green surface and larger fringe.

Commercial pools, lakes and ponds are perfect places for the extra size and stability of a larger green and at 6' by 8' this will not overwhelm any pool but is also great for larger venues. If you have an outing or a contest with novice golfers, this extra surface area may be the perfect size to maximize fun and offer those less skilled a better chance of competing.

Included are the tee box, floating balls, premium practice green flag, regulation cup and detailed instructions. Estimated assembly time is 20 to 30 minutes.

*Colors may vary

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