3' x 3' Floating Golf Green "Ace"

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3' x 3' Floating Golf Green - The "Ace" Floating Green

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Ace is the perfect party and practice device for any body of water for those on a budget. Hole in One games are perfect for parties, golf outings, charity events and Ace is just the little fellow to supply you with a great looking flag and regulation size cup. At just 3 feet by 3 feet, Ace is a go-anywhere, use-anytime golf game for anyone wanting to practice focusing on a target or to have an impromptu competition.

Ace is a slang term in golf that means Hole in One. This target is not quite a golf green but similar to a range, a great aiming point to hone your short game skills. Like our larger size greens, there are 3 different types of scoring with Ace, if you hit anywhere on the surface it would be considered a par, if you stop on the turf a birdie and if it goes in the hole, well you made an Ace.

Ace comes in a complete set with cup, flag and pin, turf, flotation device, tee box, floating golf balls and assembly instructions. Ace should only take you about 5 minutes to assemble and these materials will last for years.

Also available are Ace ranges with 3 or 5 targets.

*Colors may vary